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You have just to pay us a visit or give us a call and you shall discover that all translation facilities are available and at the reach of your hand...!
We pride ourselves to deliver the highest quality translation services at a fair and reasonable rate. Our Translation office is there to meet your translation needs 24/7 and provide you with accurate translation services by professionally translators. For more than 20 years, we have been and still practicing professional Translation. Therefore, we gained a sound reputation by offering accurate, quick, reliable and accredited translation services, armed with our deep faith in our principles:
Better, Faster, Cheaper
We deal with Individuals, Governmental Authorities, Foreign Embassies, National and International Companies and Organizations. Such reputation is not just a propaganda, but we acquired it via hard work, long experience and unbeatable strive to gain our clients satisfaction.
The Consulting office for Translation "COT" is fully equipped with Qualified, long experienced, translators and revisers in more 50 languages.

Mohamed Emam, CEO Mohamed Emam, CEO

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Make an informed decision on the benefits and savings you receive with COT! See for yourself how COT compares to other translation companies, and how our translation rates compare.

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Which is the right company to trust? Who gives reasonable quotes? Who has the necessary competency? If you find it difficult to choose a translation partner, read our tips and tricks.

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Consulting Office for Translation
26 Adly Street, Floor 11, Apt. 1102
Down Town, Cairo
Tel.: (002) 2 393 89 48
Fax: 23954626
Mob.: (002)0101149904

Maadi Branch

27 ElNasr St., New Maadi
Tel: 25191146
Mob.: 01111760177

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